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Hedgehogs have always been a much-loved feature of the British countryside and are known as the gardener's friend due to their appetite for slugs and snails and other garden pests. However, hedgehogs are in need of help and are now even classed as an endangered species in Britain.

Road casualties and loss of habitat are the main causes of a decline in the U.K. hedgehog population. Changes in farming and land management have led to fewer places for hedgehogs to live and forage in the countryside and this, added to a loss of gardens to forage in as people turn them into car parking spaces or decking-covered patios plus the carving up of territory by new roads and bye-passes all mean less room for our spiny friends.

We are a not-for profit organisation and rely entirely on donations from the public and sales of our merchandise at events around the county to continue our work.

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The hedgehog in...... Spring

By now, hedgehogs should be coming out of hibernation and you will see
them starting to forage for food at dusk. This is a vital time for them,
as they will have used up all their fat reserves during hibernation and
need to get back into good bodily condition for breeding. They will be
literally “running on empty” and food that you put out for them now may
be the difference between survival and death.

High energy foods like dried meal worms and good quality dried cat foods
will go down well and a source of water is also vital, especially if we
continue to have frosts and natural water sources are frozen at night.
If you do not have a suitable place to feed hogs or have cats, foxes or
dogs in and around your garden that may pester them and steal the food
then we highly recommend that you buy a purpose built hedgehog feeding
station. They have an entrance tunnel with an angled exit at the end
into the body of the box so that the hog can stay safe while it eats and
other animals can’t hook their paws through the doorway to try and grab
either the food or the hog. Please get in touch if you would like to buy
one or need feeding advice.

If you see a hog out by day or any hogs at night that are weak, small or
appear to be ill, please catch them gently, put them in a covered box
somewhere safe and warm and call us for advice.

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